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From The Daily Beast:

When a five-decades-long dictator dies, it is customary to hear analysts offer up the following kind of balanced blather: “He was neither as bad as his opponents believed nor as beloved as his supporters insisted.”

Cuba’s communist dictator Fidel Castro certainly enjoyed a cult of personality courtesy of self-styled humanists who still contort themselves to overlook his horrific record of human rights abuses, murder and repression.  But his detractors almost always had more direct experience in dealing with his radius of damage than his defenders.

History will not absolve Castro for repeated assaults on freedom clothed in populist garb. Whether it was torturing and executing political opponents, rounding up homosexuals, creating neighborhood networks to spy on fellow citizens, or encouraging the Soviet Union to nuke the United States, he was a bully and a thug: the latest in a long line of self-interested opportunists who rule through fear and pretend that it is love.

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From The Daily Beast:

In 1960, after John F. Kennedy narrowly defeated Richard Nixon, staunch Hollywood conservative John Wayne declared, “I didn’t vote for him, but he’s my president and I hope he does a good job.”

In 2008, after President Obama was elected, right-wing talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh declared, “I hope he fails.”

At The Daily Beast, we count ourselves in the John Wayne camp.

We were early, principled, and unapologetic opponents of Donald Trump’s divisive and demagogic campaign.

But if he is our next president, we will not question his legitimacy or hope he fails.

Instead, we will count ourselves members of the loyal opposition—loyal to the United States of America and opposed to the policies proposed by the president-elect during his campaign. And we will reflect on what has led so many of our fellow Americans to embrace such a messenger.

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