Molly Ball: The Age of Trump Begins

From The Atlantic:

The end of the campaign came for Donald Trump early Wednesday morning, but it was not the ending almost anyone foresaw.

It was victory.

He emerged at nearly 3 a.m. on a balcony overlooking the hotel ballroom where hundreds of his supporters had gathered, weary from hours of waiting but energized by the incredible, gradually dawning result. A throng of high heels and red caps, they cheered as he descended the ramp to the stage, trailed by his family and advisers.

Gripping the podium and squaring his shoulders, Trump praised his opponent—the one he had spent months deriding as a liar and a criminal—and called for the healing to begin. “Now it is time for America to bind the wounds of division—have to get together,” he said.

Read the rest of Molly’s column here.

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