Brett Madsen,
Eric Mack,

Ep. 4 – My Aim Is True: Social Media and Sapiens

December 13, 2016

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In part one of Liberally Correct’s media chronicles, Eric Mack and Brett Madsen dissect the rise of social media, the role it currently plays in the media landscape, and how Donald Trump was specifically able to use Twitter to bypass media filters to speak directly to his supporters.

Topics covered: What Is Included in “The Media,” What Makes a Good or Real News Organization, Fringe Media, The Reporting Process, The Manti Te’o Incident, Social Media, The Role of Facebook and the Origins of the News Feed, The Role of Twitter and Why It Replaced RSS Readers, The Death of Newspapers, The Rise of Real-Time Communications, Where People Tend to Get Their News From Now, Why Our Species Was Able to Conquer the Planet Due to the Development of Fictional Information, How Trump Leveraged Fictional Information to Win the Election.

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Books Mentioned That Are Worth Reading

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari (Published in Hebrew in 2011; in American English in 2015)

This Episode’s 45 RPM Single

In each episode, we will create a 45 RPM single with the intro and outro music (each typically taken from the same album). The intro music is the A-side; the outro music is the B-side. We believe music should be more relevant when it comes to politics, so we’re showcasing some songs we like each episode.

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A-side: “I’m Not Angry” by Elvis Costello, from My Aim Is True (1977)

B-side: “Waiting for the End of the World” by Elvis Costello, from My Aim Is True (1977)

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