Brett Madsen,
Eric Mack,

Ep. 2 – Renegades: Burned by the Bern

December 08, 2016

Welcome to Liberally Correct!

Now that Liberally Correct has been greenlit and given a 13-episode first season order, Eric Mack and Brett Madsen dive into the positives and negatives of Bernie Sanders’ campaign and the ultimately devastating effect it had on Hillary Clinton’s chances to win the general. They discuss the weakness of democracy — the demagogue — and how Trump and Bernie are each examples of demagogues. They also talk about the effect Bernie’s rhetoric has had on the Democratic Party’s ability to legislate and govern pragmatically now that he has helped shape its new platform. They then discuss how the rich make their money, Reaganomics, and Bernie’s tax rhetoric.

Topics covered: Bernie Sanders’ Presidential Campaign, Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign, Social Media Flame Wars, The Billionaire Class, Capital Gains, Taxes, Wages, The Democratic Party, Primaries, Demagogues

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This Episode’s 45 RPM Single

In each episode, we will create a 45 RPM single with the intro and outro music (each typically taken from the same album). The intro music is the A-side; the outro music is the B-side. We believe music should be more relevant when it comes to politics, so we’re showcasing some songs we like each episode.

Even though this technically violates copyright law since the songs are not “podsafe,” you have options below to stream or buy the album or songs in order to offset any potential revenue lost on the part of the artist or record label. (Hopefully this will keep them from coming after us to cease and desist for, you know, giving their music free advertising.)

If you like what you hear, give it some extra spins (and let us know in the comments below that you’re buying or streaming the songs so we can actually have a legal defense in the future).

A-side: “Street Fighting Man” by Rage Against the Machine, from Renegades (2000) [Originally by The Rolling Stones]

B-side: “The Ghost of Tom Joad” by Rage Against the Machine, from Renegades (2000) [Originally by Bruce Springsteen]

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